Let me tell you a story!

No, seriously!

When was the last time you sat down comfortably, preferably with a hot drink, some blankets and maybe even a (camp-)fire crackling, listening to someone telling you a story?

As children, it’s so easy to listen to the voice of an adult taking us away to places beyond our imagination, but as adults it seems to be lost on us.

I was introduced to story-telling myself through a colleague of mine, who is part of the team that organises the activities for the residents in the nursing home we work at.

As a nurse, I care deeply for the well-being of the residents in my care, so it has been absolutely heart-warming to see the effects of an enchanting story directly applied to vulnerable adults;

I have seen smiles appear on faces of people with dementia who are usually lost in their own world, I have witnessed residents relax in front of me whose body is usually very stiff and I have seen people generally enjoying themselves by being taken away to another world, away from their present concerns and the same daily routine caused by this lockdown life.

Whether this happens on a 1-1 basis or in a group session, listening to her stories in a relaxing set-up has been very therapeutic for our residents and seeing this has brought tears to my eyes (honestly!).

But story-telling is not only for vulnerable adults.

My colleague, Franziska, makes and adapts her stories to her audience and prepares stories for adults as well as children. She tells stories that are funny, thought-provoking and relaxing, she makes up her own stories or tells famous tales in her mesmerizing voice, sometimes with an unexpected twist.

In some stories, she uses music instruments to highlight a part of her story; in others, she’ll sing lovely songs. But no matter which story I’ve heard from her, they’ve all taken me away to whatever world she describes.

So, for myself, I now see the benefits of what a good story-teller can do for their audience, including us adults who are so busy all the time and want to do something different to relax. Truly relax. Not just sitting in front of the television binging our favourite tv-shows. As I said before; hot drink, blankets, your cat purring nearby, fire crackling, … It’s time to relax.

If you’re curious about what Franziska may have to tell you, you can visit her website here:


If you want to experience what I described in this post, you can purchase a story from her through this link:

For only the price of 1 cup of coffee, you get one enchanting story and you can listen to it wherever you like!

You know what to do!

Let me know how your experience was upon listening to one of her jolly tales!


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