Bloganuary #23: Interview a Fictional Character

Hello Rapunzel, thank you so much for joining me.
Can I please start with saying that I admire your courage to chase your dreams and for eventually leaving your tower to go out in into the great unknown? Even though you were uncertain at times or even worried, you didn’t give up and that shows a lot of strength!

“Oh, thank you so much for saying that!”

Not at all! Thank you for showing us that you shouldn’t let insecurities, worry and even other people stop us from going out into the world to discover our dreams, or even our destiny!

“Isn’t it crazy? I mean, when Eugene first appeared in my tower, I was terrified of course! I didn’t know what it would mean to me or what his intentions were! But he introduced me to the world and suddenly my eyes opened to my new reality!”

It must’ve been a shock, finding out that the one person you grew up with and that you loved turned out to be the woman who actually took the life you were supposed to have away from you.

Yes, of course it was shocking. But luckily, Mother Gothel cared for me in her own ways; she always made sure I was well fed, provided a roof over my head and she even allowed me to have several hobbies, for which she got the supplies. Of course I would have loved to grow up with my own family, but I consider myself lucky because I never knew that I was missing out on my family until I had left my tower.
I do have to say that I am angry at her for my parents’ sake: although I wasn’t aware that I was not with my own family, Mother Gothel did take a baby away from their parents. I mean, who does that????

Ok, I have to ask… Was it hard for you going in to Lockdown, not many years after you ‘escaped’ being locked away?

You may think that, but between you and me; I was staying in a castle with beautiful grounds all around! That didn’t feel like I was locked up at all! It was harder Eugene, bless him, because I was driving him crazy all the time and he find himself living with his parents-in-law! *Giggles*
I do have enough of all these restrictions though! I believe the time has come for leaving our towers and to chase our dreams again!

I definitely agree with you on that! Thanks again, Rapunzel!

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