BLOGANUARY Day 29: How Are You Changing The World?

***Nederlands onderaan***

This is a very big question to ask an individual as I don’t believe my actions are ‘changing the world’ really, but I do like to think I have some impact on my immediate environment.

So… Challenge accepted!

I change the world by adding colour to everyone’s life.

Literally! Because I study the meaning and impact colours have on our mind and body and I tell whoever wants to hear all about it!
I make colourful candles for myself and I also gift them to friends and family in the colour I think they may need and I have been amazed at the impact it has had.

Colour truly is an amazing given thing that we still take for granted and by consciously applying it for myself and others I hope that I’m at least improving one person’s life. 🙂

If you’re in the UK and you would like to have a candle yourself, I have a shop on Etsy where I sell them. You can find them here:

Because honestly, the world could definitely use more colour!

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