BLOGANUARY Day 29: How Are You Changing The World?

***Nederlands onderaan*** This is a very big question to ask an individual as I don't believe my actions are 'changing the world' really, but I do like to think I have some impact on my immediate environment. So... Challenge accepted! I change the world by adding colour to everyone's life. Literally! Because I study the… Continue reading BLOGANUARY Day 29: How Are You Changing The World?

Colour Therapy


***Nederlands onderaan*** Today is the second New Moon since the Winter Solstice, which also means that it is Chinese New Year! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about the meaning of some colours in China and how that may differ from the meaning of colours in our Western culture.… Continue reading HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!


I have an ETSY-shop!!

***Nederlands onderaan*** After receiving a lot of compliments about the candles I’ve been making (see my previous post to have a look) and after many, many people telling me that they would love to have them in their house, I got the idea to maybe open up a little Etsy-shop to sell them. You will… Continue reading I have an ETSY-shop!!